Biomass Plant Applications

Coal to Biomass Power Station Conversion

IPT Engineering have recently completed the installation of Beck actuators on Europe's largest coal to biomass power station conversion. In total over 2GW (approx. 90%) of UK biomass generation now relies on Beck actuators for its control.

The actuators are supplied to both valve and damper applications.

Beck Actuators

FD Vane Control

Typical applications on biomass power station include;

ID Fan Dampers
FD Fan Dampers
BOFA Fan Dampers
Secondary Air Dampers
PA Fan Dampers
PA Cooler Dampers
PA Cooler Water Supply Valves
Fuel Route Diverter Valves
Fuel Route Isolation Valves.

ID Vane Control

Beck actuators were chosen for their ability to provide excellent modulating control on critical process elements, including ID and FD Fan Vane Control, BOFA Damper control, PA cooler dampers, and PA cooling water valves.

Initial results show that the inclusion of Beck actuators on these critical applications has improved boiler control and contributed to a significant reduction in Nox emissions to levels below that required by IED regulations.

IPT Engineering were able to provide qualified, experienced engineers to assist with all aspects of the project from planning and design, including HAZOP studies, design feasibility, DSEAR compatibility, through to installation and commissioning.

PA Cooling Water Control Valve

Beck actuators are available in a number of formats, modulating or on/off configuration, close coupled or linkage connected. The majority are suitable for operation in ATEX Zone 22 as standard, requiring nothing more than power and control supply to be connected. In most cases this will be ‘safe’ 120VAC single phase supply.

In operation they provide cost effective operation, having very low power requirements, typically less than 0.5amps, they are also virtually maintenance free, having no specific requirements.

PA Cooler Damper

In addition to the standard setting control capabilities provided by Beck drives, the station, after 4 successful years operating them on ID fan installations, were well aware of the outstanding reliability, and maintenance free characteristics of the actuators, and had no hesitation in specifying them for this project.

Both IPT Engineering, and Beck have unrivalled experience in providing actuation systems for critical combustion systems.

About Beck

Beck actuators are designed and manufactured in a purpose built facility in Pennsylvania USA.

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The Beck Motor

Becks durable all spur gear construction maintains accurate positions even under demanding conditions.

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Since 2007, over 300 installations of Beck Actuators have taken place in Europe.

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Digital Control

The digital control module uses an on board modular design with push button configuration.

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Beck Link Assist

A complementary service to support the setup and installation of our linkage connected actuator products.

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Actuator Services Support

Full support from specialists

In addition to supplying the full range of actuators, we are able to provide a full service to support our products.

This includes Product Demonstrations, Site Surveys and application reviews. We are also able to provide Specification Writing services for new installations. In addition we are able to provide installation and commisioning assistance on all our drives.

To assist with this we use the Beck Link Assist™ programe.

Aftersales support is available to provide 24/7 assistance to all clients. The service provides for Troubleshooting Assistance, Spares Support,and Field Service Engineers. We can also provide on site training for our products.

Beck have been supplying Electric Actuators into the UK and European region for the last 60 years. We still have examples operating on industrial furnaces that were installed in 1956.