Do you have a Blocked Silo?

AirSweep material flow systems can clear the blockage

A problem with bulk storage silos is silo bridging where material builds up on the inside of the silo walls causing a blocked silo.

IPT Engineering are delighted to support AirSweep material flow systems to the UK.

Providing on-demand flow of even the toughest materials by eliminating bridging, ratholes and build-up.

Each powerful pulse of the AirSweep nozzle directs a high-pressure/high-volume, 360-degree burst of compressed air or gas between the material and vessel wall to lift and sweep stagnated material back into the flow stream removing the build up from a blocked silo.

The nozzle design (U.S. Patent 6,237,893) ensures an immediate, dust-tight, reseal after each pulse, preventing clogging or material feedback.

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Blocked Silo
Blocked Silo

Patented Design

The valve design utilises only one moving part, ensuring an immediate reseal after each pulse to prevent clogging and material build-up.

Allows Full Capacity

Each pulse activates material up to an 8 foot diameter for a first-in, first-out controlled flow, facilitating use of full bin capacity.

Reduced Cleaning Times

Reduces flushing & cleaning time between product runs. Mounted externally for easy cleaning and maintenance.

No Container Damage

No damage, vibration, stress or wear to container walls. Mount to metal, concrete, fibreglass or wood vessels.

Efficient & Long Lasting

Uses plant air for energy efficiency and manufactured from high grade steel for a long service lifespan.

Airsweep Use & Applications

Preventing Blocked Silos

From titanium dioxide to liquid cheese, AirSweeps have successfully handled the toughest bulk material causing blocked silos.

Industries such as Food Processing, Feed & Grain, Aggregate & Mining, Pharmaceutical Processing, and Chemical Processing are utilising AirSweep systems to effectively and reliably keep their materials flowing.

An AirSweep system can also solve many of the problems associated with other types of material flow devices, such as:

  • Air Cannons
  • Fluidisers
  • Vibrators
  • Live bottom bin dischargers