Group 42 Long Stroke Linear Actuators

A versatile, compact design, advanced electronics, and Beck reliability all highlight the new Group 42 linear actuator.

Beck’s all-new Group 42 actuators are designed to meet the actuation needs of long stroke linear applications. Typical applications include burner registers and OFA port dampers, but they can be used on any application requiring up to 18 inches of linear stroke. Like all Beck drives, the Group 42 is designed for reliability and simple installation, no duty cycle limitations, excellent performance, and little or no required maintenance.

The Group 42 is available with modulating analog control or direct AC control.

Ideally suited for harsh industrial environments, the Group 42 handles long stroke applications requiring up to 4450n of thrust. The design employs a highly efficient ball screw coupled with a time-proven Beck motor and offers consistent, repeatable positioning as precise as 0.1% of span. Like all Beck drives, the Group 42 incorporates a heavy-duty, weatherproof, cast aluminum body.

General Specification (Model 42-109)

Output Thrust and Timing (all models)

Thrust n (lbs.) 4450 (1000)
Stroke Length (mm) 127mm to 457mm

Drive Power Options

Drive Power 120 Vac, single-phase, 50 or 60 Hz, 1.5A
240 Vac, single-phase, 50 or 60 Hz, 0.75A


Travel Range Approximate Weight kg (lbs) (for 120 Vac operation) Approximate Weight kg (lbs) (for 240 Vac operation)
127mm to 203mm 34 (75) 38 (84)
178mm to 305mm 35 (77) 39 (86)
279mm to 457mm 36 (80) 40 (89)

Additional Specifications

Operating Conditions –40° to 85° C. (–40° to 185° F.) 0 to 99% relative humidity
Communications Interface HART© protocol and local pushbutton/LED panel and RS-232 serial commands
Demand Input Signal Range 4–20 mA, 1–5 V dc
Minimum Step 0.1° of span
Hysteresis 0.25% of span at any point
Demand Input Signal Characterization Linear: Drive output shaft moves proportionally to the input signal.
Square: Drive output shaft moves proportionally to the square of the input signal.
Custom: 20 segment configurable curve fit
Position Feedback Signal 4-20 mA
Isolation Demand input and position Feedback signals are isolated from ground and the ac power line. Signal buffering provides 24 V dc isolation between the Demand and Feedback signals.
Action on Loss of Power Output shaft stays in last position
Action on Loss of Input Signal (Power on) Stay in place or runs to any preset position (configurable)
Over-thrust Protection If the output thrust of the drive exceeds 150% of the drive rating, the motor will shut off (feature can be enabled / disabled).
Stall Protection If the motor tries to run in one direction for more than 300 seconds (configurable from 30 to 300 seconds), the motor will shut off.
Over-travel Protection Switches Two Form C (Retract and Extend) provide over-travel protection
Auxiliary Switches (Field Adjustable) Two Form C, rated for 1 A, 250 V ac
Handswitch Permits local electrical operation, independent of Demand input signal.
Handwheel Provides manual operation without electrical power.
Motor 120 Vac, single-phase, no burnout, noncoasting. Capable of 60 starts per minute
Enclosure Precision-machined aluminum alloy castings, painted with corrosion-resistant polyurethane paint, to provide a rugged, dust-tight, weatherproof enclosure designed to meet NEMA 4X standards.
Mounting Orientation Can be mounted in any orientation