Group 22 Rotary Actuators

Group 22 rotary actuators offer excellent performance in a maintenance-free design, plus the added flexibility and features provided by microprocessor-based electronics. Ideally suited for large fan damper applications, these rotary actuators are capable of modulating both static and dynamic loads up to 10850 nm (8,000 lb-ft) of torque, even in the harshest environments. Installation is simple due to a compact, weatherproof design which houses all the components, including the advanced control module.

General Specification

Operating Conditions –40° to 85° C. (–40° to 185° F.) 0 to 99% relative humidity
Demand Input Signal Range 4–20 mA, 1–5 V dc
Minimum Step 0.1° typical
Linearity ±1% of span, max. independent error
Hysteresis 0.25% of span at any point
Demand Input Signal Characterization Linear: Drive output shaft moves proportionally to the input signal.
Square: Drive output shaft moves proportionally to the square of the input signal.
Position Feedback Signal Demand input and position Feedback signals are isolated from ground and the ac power line. Signal buffering provides 24 Vdc isolation between the Demand and Feedback signals.
Overtorque Protection If the output torque of the drive exceeds 115% of the drive rating, the motor will shut off (feature can be enabled/disabled).
Action on Loss of Input Signal (Power On) Stays in place or runs to any preset position (configurable).
Stall Protection If the motor tries to run in one direction for more than 300 seconds (configurable from 30 to 300 seconds), the motor will shut off.
Over-travel Protection Switches Two SPDT, one for CW and one for CCW limit of output shaft travel. Standard switch setting allows for 100° of travel.
Non-dedicated Switches (Field Adjustable) Two SPDT, rated for 1 A, 250 Vac
Handswitch Permits local electrical operation, independent of Demand input signal.
Handwheel (and Handcrank on the model 22-809) Provides manual operation without electrical power.
Enclosure Precision-machined aluminum alloy castings, painted with corrosion-resistant polyurethane paint, provide a rugged, dust-tight, weatherproof enclosure.
Mounting Orientation Upright, as depicted in outline dimension drawings
Customer Wiring Terminals accommodate up to 12 AWG (3.31 mm2)
Motor Does not coast or overshoot and will not overheat, even under continuous modulation
Gear Train High efficiency, precision-cut, heat-treated alloy steel and ductile iron spur gears enclosed in and permanently lubricated by a grease-filled housing are designed for long life and minimal wear.
Mechanical Stops Prevent over-travel during automatic ormanual operation
Standards*** cULus Listed
CE Compliant
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Model 22-309

3000 lb-ft

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Model 22-409

4000 lb-ft

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Electric Actuators

Model 22-809

8000 lb-ft

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Mechanical Features

Drive Train:
Durable and Efficient
Beck’s durable gear train maintains accurate, consistent control element positioning even under the demanding conditions of an active control loop.

Manual Handwheel:
Convenient Manual Control Without Declutch
An easy-to-turn, spoke-free Handwheel is incorporated into the Group 22 design to allow manual operation during installation or power outages.

Superior Protection with Convenient Access to Components
Beck drives feature a cast aluminum body with individual compartments to protect components from moisture and dirt, and allow easy access for installation and calibration.

Electrical Features

Electric Handswitch:
Time-Saving Local Operation

Group 22 rotary actuators allow dampers or valves to be operated at their individual locations with the built-in electric Handswitch. This saves time during installation and troubleshooting, allowing on-line adjustments to be made quickly and easily by bypassing the electronics in the drive and control system. The Handswitch also serves as an electrical backup in the event of control system failure.

Auxiliary and Over-travel Limit Switches:

All Group 22 rotary actuators include two non-dedicated SPDT switches, which are cam-actuated directly by the output shaft. Wiring connections are provided in the drive terminal compartment, allowing for easy access. The switch trip points are easily adjusted in the field to operate at any point in the drive travel rotation.

Beck Drive Motor:
Precise, Reliable Control

The Beck Group 22 rotary actuator motor design allows for precise control, with low current draw and no duty-cycle limitations. The drive's onboard control electronics directly feed the motor windings, thus eliminating external motor starters or remote mounted electronics. In addition, the motor does not coast or overshoot and will not overheat - even under continuous modulation.

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