Group 11 Rotary Damper Drives and Actuators

Beck rotary damper drives and rotary actuators are a benchmark in industrial control damper actuation. Unlike typical electric actuators, Beck damper drives and valve actuators are capable of continuous modulation and precision control without thermal duty-cycle or motor burnout concerns. Beck damper drives and actuators are specifically designed for harsh indoor and outdoor industrial environments and perform consistently over time. Group 11 damper drives and rotary actuators eliminate the performance problems typical of pneumatic and conventional electric actuators and are virtually maintenance-free.

Available in torque output ratings up to 7050 nm (5200 lb-ft).

General Specification

Input Power
120 V ac, single-phase
240 V ac, single-phase

Operating Conditions
-40° to 85° C. (-40° to 185° F.), 0% to 99% relative humidity

Demand Input and Position Feedback signals are isolated from the ground and the ac power line.

Action on Loss of Power
Stays in place.

Action on Loss of Input Signal (Power On)
Stays in place or, on some drives, is field configurable to move to any preset position.

Limit Switches
Two SPDT switches (one for each direction of travel) provide over-travel protection.

Auxiliary Switches
Up to four 6 A, 120 V ac switches available. Switches are labeled S1 to S4 and are cam-operated and field-adjustable.

Permits local electrical operation, independent of controller signal. Standard on all units. An optional auxiliary contact can be used to indicate that the Handswitch is in "AUTO" mode or to sound an alarm if it is taken out of "AUTO".

Modulating Control
Deadband is 0.6% of span (configurable)
Minimum step is typically 0.1%
Standard Control inputs 4-20mA or 120VAC. Others available on request

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3932 to 7050 nm

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Mechanical Features

Drive Train:
Durable and Efficient
Beck’s durable gear train maintains accurate, consistent control element positioning even under the demanding conditions of an active control loop.

Manual Handwheel:
Convenient Manual Control Without Declutch
An easy-to-turn, spoke-free Handwheel is incorporated into the Group 11 design to allow manual operation during installation or power outages.

Superior Protection with Convenient Access to Components
Beck drives feature a cast aluminum body with individual compartments to protect components from moisture and dirt, and allow easy access for installation and calibration.

Mounting Versatility:
Mount in any Orientation for Greater Installation Flexibility
Group 11 Beck drives are designed to be mounted in any convenient position. The no oil bath design eliminates the potential for leaks.

As long as housing compartments remain accessible, there are no mounting orientation limits.

Electrical Features

Beck Drive Motor:
Precise, Reliable Control

Together with Beck’s control electronics and rugged gear train, Beck motors provide the precise, reliable positioning required for modern control loops.

Electric Handswitch

Time-Saving local operation allowing for manual, automatic of power off to be achieved on the drive.

Dampers or valves may be operated at their individual locations with the built-in handswitch, particularly useful during installation and troubleshooting.

Auxiliary and Over-travel Limit Switches:

Two over-travel limit switches and up to four auxiliary switches are provided on Beck drives.

SPDT switches rated for a minimum of 6 A at 120 V ac, (three times maximum motor current for most models) to ensure long life.

Field-adjustable to operate at any point in the drive’s travel range.

May initiate secondary functions or provide remote indication of drive position.

Eliminates Unreliable and maintenance intensive proximity switches

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